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Enjoy bringing beautiful pictures to life with this fun coloring app


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All ages

ColorMe Reloaded is an picture coloring app that can be used to make beautiful colorings from the comfort of your phone. If you are looking to relax and do some coloring, you have found the perfect app.

The controls of ColorMe Reloaded are really simple: when you start the application, you'll find a huge library of pictures. Tap on the image you want to color and it'll appear with a colorful palette below it. Tap on any colour and begin coloring in the drawing. The clever thing about this app is its color-building effect, where layering brushstrokes will make the color bolder and brighter.

ColorMe Reloaded maintains the charm of coloring books, but with the added convenience of having your notebook and colored pencils on your mobile phone. It offers children and adults alike a chance to let their imagination run free.
By Lauren

Requires Android 2.3 or higher